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Meet The Chef From Sotally Tober

Chef Madhavan,

Sotally Tober


What’s a good breakfast for the hangover next morning?

After a long night of drinking and partying, it is best to start your day with some eggs, greasy meat, carbs in any form, and some delicious smoothie to wash everything down. You can have dishes like egg Benedict, BLT sandwich, and banana blueberry and nutella smoothies with yogurt.


Describe a signature dish from the menu at Sotally Tober.

Our #SoTo Chilli Beef is one of our signatures, It is a perfect example of classic comfort food with a twist. That twist being something that gets you Sotally Tobered. Yes, you guessed it..... alcohol. A dash of honey whiskey sauce, made in house, brings the dish alive with mouth watering spices and that hint of sweetness. 


What‘s your favourite cocktail?

I really like the Chocoholic cocktail in Sotally Tober, which is a vodka based chocolate martini, made by my friend and colleague Wasim.


What is your favourite cuisine?

I’m in love with Spanish cuisine because they have a very palatable variety of dishes. From a basic dish like Pan con Tomate made in two minutes, to traditional authentic dishes like Paella and tapas of varieties of meats and flavours, that has a slow cooking process and can take an hour or so. All these dishes compliment their culture of sharing a good meal among the friends and family which really appeals to me.


Any tips for home cooks?

A good dish not only requires seasoning, but some love and passion in your cooking. One important tip I can give is to always taste the dish at every stage of cooking.



Sotally Tober Resto-Bar, #769, 80 feet road, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore