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Meet The Chef

Chef June
Head chef, Teppan

How did you become a chef?
I have many siblings and I needed to be the breadwinner of the family. I started in the back of the kitchen and post lunch when the kitchen was empty I’d try my hand at cooking. I realised I was pretty good. So I tried out as a chef and was surprised when I got the job. I love it.

Tell us about your native Filipino food?
Philippines was colonised by the Spanish so we have a lot of Spanish influence on our food which is unique. Even though we are an Asian cuisine and close to Japanese food it has very interesting flavours.

Do people think Japanese is over priced?
Yes but japanese cooking uses so many ingredients that are not easily available in india. Like Miso paste, made from fermented soybeans, which comes from Japan. I use only good quality olive oil and sesame oil. Even our ice creams, like wasabi ice cream and green Tea ice creams are made with specific ingredients on our instructions.

What is the best part of Japanese food?
It is so very healthy. You must know that the Japanese live till such an old age. And the healthy element of the food never compromises on the taste, like their soups and even main course uses very little oil, but is extremely flavourful.

What are some interesting dishes in the Maki-Zushi festival at Teppan?
The Temaki Zushi is a speciality. It is rolled by hand into a conical shape on seaweed with rice and fillings inside. And we have very inventive dishes like the Mango sushi, Kani Sake (Tempura fried crab stick and sliced salmon) and Kenko maki.



Teppan, 2nd Floor, 1/3, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore