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Meet The Chef

Chef Tham,
Master Thai Chef at The Oberoi, Bengaluru

1.Tell us about street food from Thailand?
Street food in Thailand is a more a predominant phenomenon in the cities than the interiors of our country. It is a very popular kind of dining option both with the locals and tourists alike. Cities like Bangkok have a vibrant street food market which explores fresh ingredients cooked in an easy style and presented in a rustic fashion. The flavours here are strong but loved by all.

2. What are some dishes in your tasting menu?
Some of the specialities are Kuey Teow Kai Ro Moo Ro Tofu which is a mild Thai soup with noodles, tofu and vegetables. Larb Thalay Salad of mix seafood with fresh coriander and Thai bird eye chili. Kaeng Phed Pad Yang that is Fried duck with grapes, pineapple with red curry

3.You hail from the Isaan province. Tell us about the food there.
Isaan is the North Eastern province of Thailand which has been influenced from neighbouring places like Laos and Cambodia. The staple here is the sticky rice which is served with most dishes, more than the usual jasmine rice.

Isaan gave birth to some very popular Thai dishes like the famous raw papaya salad or Som Tam. Grilled meats with fiery spices are very popular here. Isaan is also known to prepare semi-dry salad style dishes and thus my new signature menu has many such salad style dishes to explore.

4. Are there any misconceptions about Thai food that you want to clear?
More than misconception, I would like to say that although a lot of Thai dishes are spiced with varied chilies but not all Thai dishes are spicy. The pungency of the spice level can be tempered as per taste and households.

5. How do you like Indian food?
I love Indian food. There are two similarities between Indian and Thai cuisine. Like India, Thai cuisine too has been influenced by many cultures and history.

Also coastal South Indian food has similarities with Thai food in terms of the use of basic spices like raw turmeric, chilies and coconut milk.

Chef Tham’s Signature Menu available at Rim Naam from Sep 11th onwards for lunch and dinner

The Oberoi, 37-39 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru