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Meet The Chef

Chef Tarang Joshi

The Glass House

In your travels abroad what is the most interesting dish you had?

Being a foodie I love to explore different cities and countries to taste their most authentic dishes. Each travel experience is special; I dine at good restaurants and also taste the street food in each market. The most interesting food I have tasted in on the streets of Thailand. It was an unique salad that made me fall in love with Thai food. The Yam Pla Duk Foo which is a combination of crispy airy nest of fish meat and tart salad of fresh raw mango. The salad has so many textures and flavors blending in beautifully and creates a long lasting impression.

What is the first dish you ever made?

The first dish I cooked was as an enthusiastic teenage kid in class 7. I took notes from Sanjeev Kapoor’s show ‘Khana Khana’ where he was teaching his audience how to make chili cheese toast, I found it interesting and insisted that my mom make it for me. She suggested I help her in the kitchen, and she has infact been my source of motivation ever since. I often helped my mom whenever I got time from my studies and thank her for supporting me.

What is your opinion of the Bangalore F&B industry?

I am fairly new to the city, but from the little that I have explored, the city has great potential and a wide variety of cuisines to offer. With the ever changing food trend and preferences, restaurateurs and their teams work hard to keep up with trends and cater to their guests. The food enthusiasts have easy accessibility to the restaurants in each area and the F&B industry is catering to each one’s preferences and likes.

Which city in India has a good F&B culture?

I personally believe Mumbai has an amazing food culture it ranges from street food offerings to fine dine restaurants, authentic world cuisine and much more.

What plans for The Glass House menu?

With The Glass House I aim to create comfort modern European food for my guests by sourcing local, fresh and healthy local seasonal availabilities. The menu has a wide variety of options and we customise the dish as per our guests’ taste preferences. We use a lot  of fresh produce in our cocktails, mocktails and food.