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Meet The New Chef At The Oberoi

Chef Sumit Batra

Senior Sous Chef, The Oberoi, Bengaluru

Tell us some experiences in Nomad?

NoMad is a special place. It epitomises innovation meeting art. On my time off from my busy schedule, I used to love cooking for my kitchen mates and the favourite dish they used to enjoy is a classic Delhi style Chole – Bhature.. I used to be asked time and again to cook this dish and everyone fell in love with it. I think this behind the scenes experience represents the fact that food has no language or barriers . Its appreciation transcends cultures and countries.

What is on your menu at Le Jardin?

I have tried to keep the pairing simple and the ingredients fresh. What shall be a surprise is the technique and the textures. I have attached the two menus that we will show case during this promotion.

It is a 5 course experience at INR 1975 plus taxes. On from June 10thtill 24thfor dinner only at our all day restaurant, Le Jardin

What's your favourite cuisine, personally?

Two actually. I love seafood. I love cooking with and discovering seafood dishes. It is an amazing genre to play with and with simple touches you can create an extraordinary dish. I also love home style Indian food, which is kind of like soul food to me.

Where did you grow up and how has that influenced you cooking?

I grew up in New Delhi. Food and feasting was an integral part of my childhood and I love good food. Thus, becoming a Chef was a natural projection of this life. But, my influences came from my professional mentors. The first four years of my career was spent being mentored and trained by the amazing chefs at Oberoi Hotels & Resorts and then my second most educative platform was at the kitchen of NoMad which was created and led by famous stalwarts like Daniel Humm and J. James Kent. I consider myself very fortunate in having such a fabulous platform to learn from.