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Minister Reddy upset by RTO latecomers

An impromptu RTO adalat on Wednesday as Transport Minister, Ramalinga Reddy, paid a surprise visit to a few transport offices in the city.

The minister caught several transport officials on the wrong foot in Jayanagar and Koramangala RTO. Those who walked in late were summarily slapped notices on their arrival. These included Jayanagar RTO Jnanendra Kumar and several clerks in Koramangala and Jayanagar RTO offices.

The minister's arrival preceded that of several officials. After witnessing many staffers walking into the office even at 11am at Jayanagar RTO, Reddy had them marked absent. Meanwhile the public took this opportunity to complain to him against the lethargic approach of officials.

N Jawad, who had applied for a learner's licence (LLR) in Koramangala, reported that an RTO inspector had abused the public and closed the counter much before the scheduled time. Another man suggested that LLRs be issued in colleges to avoid red-tapism.

Source: Times of India