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Monkey Bar is Making Red Rice Cool

Monkey Bar launches a special coastal menu

Chef Varun Pereira has given Bangalore a number of eccentric dishes at Monkey Bar. Now the gastro pub is doing a reinterpretation of Coastal cuisine. Kerala, Mangalore and Kundapur all feature on the menu. Explocity investigates more.

The clear winner for us was the Kuttari Salad. Toothsome and healthier red rice is tossed with raw mango, coconut, baby spinach, peanuts and upmensinkai (dry fried chillies). The salad has a mustard tadka and a secret dressing that we could not deduct.

The Monkee Eggs are Coastal Eggs Benedict - Coriander and black pepper crusted poached eggs. The Prawn Ghee Roast was a classic, presented as it is although purists would say that it could be a tad bit spicier. Kundapur Wings celebrate the special Kundapur Ghee Chicken.

The KP Tacos - Chettinad style pulled chicken with Kerala Porotta as the tortillas - bring together two great cuisines. Bright Red Udupi Beet cutlets bring back memories of Hotel Diana in Udupi. The Kerala Bao Uttapam is both and neither. It brings the bao, a veritable import from the Fatty Bao upstairs, and the uttapam. It is served with beef fry and coconut chutney.

For dessert we had fluffy Mangalore Buns. The cocktail menu is equally off beat. The Chilli Pulli has Tamarind and green chilli. The Kapi Mancha has coffee, dark Rum and pineapple. The Vankam Panakam has jaggery, dried ginger powder, cardamom powder, and pepper.

The menu is reimagining classics that you have had in your mom's kitchen but with a little bit of monkey business.
The Coastal Adventures, Monkey Bar, 12th Main, Indiranagar, Bangalore