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Monsoon Masala At Park Plaza

This season celebrate the monsoons with Monsoon Masala at Park Plaza. Melange, the hotel’s multi cuisine restaurant will host this promotion.

What makes this festival special is that it is appropriate to it’s name and the season. And what people like this season is Dili Ki Garam Chaat, Banaras Ki Khasta Kachori, Mysore Ka Spicy Dosa, Kachi Bawali Ki Biryani, Punjabi Ke Garam Kukad and Paya Ka Shorba. Our foods may be different but the cravings to eat our favourite food in the pouring rain is something that’s shared across the country. The buffet will have many live counters to offer the vibe of street food.

The food festival is priced at an affordable Rs 999 including all taxes.

The buffet is available for lunch from Monday to Saturday, 12:30pm to 4pm. Corporates can take an extended lunch to avail of the festival's offerings.

This is on till 15 July, 2017.