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My Favourite Restaurants in Bangalore


I have spent the majority of my life in the city of joy i.e. Kolkata. From the very beginning I have been provided the necessities and all kinds of comfort from this very city. It has been a year now that I have shifted to Bangalore, but Kolkata will always be close to my heart. This Independence Day, I will recommend a few restaurants to all my readers, as a Bengali from Kolkata, an Indian and lastly as the food lover I am.


If there is one thing almost all Indians would vouch for is of course be biriyani. A complete meal, pocket friendly and super tasty provided you have it from the correct place. This Mughlai recipe has won more Indian hearts than probably anything else. The best thing about the biriyani they serve at Alishan—quantity of the rice, portions of meat, that savoury potato and lastly, the aroma and the great taste. I have had biriyani from many places, but it is the Kolkata variant which I like the most. I might sound partial, but I strongly recommend you try it because it won’t let you down!

Beijing Bites
We are Indians no doubt, but there is no cuisine we like more than Chinese. Chinese food is light, tasty and has a number of variations. The restaurant under consideration is not a big chain like Mainland China, but it offers a cosy ambiance, coupled with good Thai and Chinese food. It comes at a reasonable price and has good taste.
My recommendations: Mixed sea food Koithio, Khao Phad Kapro, Honey Hunan Chicken.

Panch Phoron
This is dedicated to all the Bengalis and Bengali food lovers. If you miss your mother land and want to have good Bengali food for a change, do try it. It is not a large establishment, but it does have a home feel to it. After having the food, the ambiance won’t matter much though.
I would recommend: Mutton/Chicken Kassa with Poori/Rice and the Prawn Malai Curry.

And Lastly:
Soho St.
This joint is a personal recommendation if you are a buffet lover like me. The taste of the food is simply unparallel and the Kebabs have a taste I have not found anywhere in Bangalore till date. Nothing to recommend in particular but do try out all the starters and live counters.

Rudra Gooptu is a food blogger at http://foodandrestaurantreviews.blogspot.in/ . He is a gamer by passion and his love for food drives him to different places to eat. You can read about his adventures on his blog and you can connect with him on twitter @FoodieLandBlog and instagram @thefoodieland_blog.