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My Recommendations on Where to Eat


I am a foodie, I love authentic food. I love homemade, rustic food, cooked the authentic way as much as the food at star hotels which is cooked with sophistication with exotic ingredients and well presented. Bangalore is home to every kind of hotel. There has been much written about star hotels; today I will take you to the small, not so famous but hotels that serve food directly from the heart. Hope you visit them and try them out.

SLV Coffee Bar - A boy stands behind the counter of a 20 x 20 joint and with a unique tone and rhythm shouts out the order. And the other side of the counter, the room is filled with people stretching out their hands to take their orders. It's a busy place which serves not more than six to seven items, idli, dosa and filter coffee being their show stoppers. Being a south Indian, I can vouch that these melt in the mouth idlis, swimming in a plate full of chutney are one of the best and the crisp, golden, buttery dose is again one of the best. End it with a hot strong foamy filter coffee and you will go back home with huge smiles on your faces.
PS: Dose is not available on Sundays.

Coorg - Having grown up with Coorgis around me, and having studied in a kodava school, i was so fascinated with their food and lifestyle. They are know for their hospitality and their non-veg delicalies. They are very particular about their food and they are very good at it. The lady who runs this place is no different. If you love authentic food, then this is the place to visit.

This place located in the heart of Indiranagar on the terrace of a coorgi family, with a jungle house kind of interiors, serves authentic homemade food. The buffet has few nonveg and few veg options. But the main attraction is the Pork curry (Pandi curry), the dark pork preparation cooked using black vinegar and Kachampuli (a sour fruit similar to tamarind, native to Coorg) and Akki Rotti (roti prepared using cooked rice and cooked on coal). You will not be dissatisfied.

Soo Ra Sang - Visited this place because one of my friends had just come back from Korea and was missing Korean food. But fell in love with this place after the first visit.

This warmly lit Korean joint has a very cozy ambience with floor seating and barbeque in the centre. The host and the owner, being passionate about food helps you understand and order the food.

The Kimchis, Bibimbap are one of my favourites. The quality of food being high and authentic, this place is worth a visit if you like Korean cuisine or if you are experimental with food.
The Sujeonggwa (a cold cinnamon drink) served at the end is an icing on the cake.

Madhuri Aggarwal blogs at http://www.madaboutkitchen.wordpress.com/