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Nilesh Jain’s Recipe For The Perfect Cocktail To Make At Home This Season

Nilesh Jain is the F&B Manager at Sheraton Grand Hotel Bangalore at Brigade Gateway. He is also the man behind the bar menu at High Ultra Lounge. Read Nilesh Jain’s recipe for the perfect cocktail to make at home this season.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Falna, a small town in Rajasthan near Jodhpur; which is also known as the ‘Radio city back in 80's’ and later as ‘The Umbrella City.’


Do you drink too much? Or too little?

I prefer to seek balance when it comes to consumption of beverages and greatly depends on the occasion and gathering I am attending.


How long have you been a mixologist?

In the journey of Food and Beverage, it has been over a decade of learning and experimentation for me with mixology.  


What is the thumb rule to make cocktails?  

I believe in choosing the right ingredient in right quantity; while being thoughtful of guest preferences at the same time.


What is your favourite combination?

I prefer to use fresh orange, ginger, lemon and honey as combinations.


What is the top unwritten law of mixology?

This is my personal favourite, ‘do everything you can to satisfy guests’ needs, with ingredients/items that you have; considering they are fresh and best suited to his/her taste.’


What is your favourite drink?

My favourite drink is Kesar; one of my own creations which is prepared with the combination of saffron, fresh orange, honey, cloves and vodka.


What’s your least favourite drink?

I personally do not relish the flavour of beer cocktails much.


What is an easy drink for Bangaloreans to make at home?

Considering the climate, ingredients and lifestyle of Bangalore, Homemade Orange Ginger Ale is best suited beverage. This can be made easily at home by anyone.


And how?

Homemade Orange Ginger Ale is a combination of fresh ginger, fresh lemon, fresh orange which is topped with sparkling water.

Nilesh Jain’s Recipe For The Perfect Cocktail To Make At Home This Season

How long have you been in Bangalore?

I am the newest member to the Bangalore family; a month old now.


Do you like it here?

The City of Gardens is truly a magnificent place, with humble people, cultural depth, plush green views, authentic options for palate are just a name to few. For me, ‘Namma Bangaluru’ is a city with high energy vibes, with people always welcoming and eager to try new things.