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Oktoberfest at Délice, Novotel

Oktoberfest is an age-old German festival that takes place every year. With more than five million people attending it every year in Munich, it is one of the world’s largest fairs.

Délice is Novotel Bengaluru Techpark’s specialty cake and gourmet shop. In light of the Oktoberfest, the shop is celebrating with German bread and dessert specialties. Guests can look forward to getting a taste of authentic delicacies like Vollkornbrot, Pumpernickel, Mehrkornbrot, Roggenbrot, German pretzels, Black Forest Cake and many more.

“Since we have a huge German clientele, we wanted to lift up their spirits and excitement by doing German breads, desserts and other such specialties. The rye breads and pretzels taste perfect with beer and is a great choice during the festive fervour,” says Executive Chef, Kailash Gundupalli.

The Oktoberfest display at Delice is available from September 21 to October 2.