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Okto”biere” Fest At The Biere Club

Biere cocktails and Jagermeister are the addition to the Oktober Fest at The Biere Club in Whitefield and Vittal Mallya Road. Oktobiere Fest is in association with Jagermeister to host an early edition of the popular German festival. The Okto”biere” Fest At The Biere Club is going to be held from 16 to 18 in both the Biere Club outlets.
The new brew on the menu is the Ginger Meister. The beer cocktails are Jager- Rita, Weissen Sour and Jager Tonic. For food, Mustard & Cress, the neighbouring restaurant in Whitefield serves a Indo-German buffet during the festival. The menu’s price starts at Rs 1000.
The fest includes food and drinking games that all entail bingeing. Chug a pitcher of beer in three minutes or eat 12 house style spiced chicken drumsticks, two buckets or fries, one mini baguette and down a pitcher of beer within 20 minutes.
At The Biere Club, Vittal Mallya Road and Whitefield.