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Oops! The BBMP Missed A Spot

A few weeks ago, the BBMP began patchwork on the Viveknagar main road. However, they have conveniently left the stretch near the Pioneer Corp Training Centre. The crater on the road has become a sore for daily commuters.

"What I don't understand is why they left out this section, when they have done the patch work on the other parts of the road? It shows the attitude of the people involved. Neither the local counselor nor the Palike official care too much about the repercussions," said Vishnu P, a daily traveller on the stretch.

The stretch that connects the area to Koramangala, Ejipura and Ashoknagar is a busy one. “There is a crater on the main road, right on the junction and it is certainly a problem. Four wheelers have to slow down suddenly. If they try to avoid the hole, they just might end up crashing into another vehicle,” said Hanumanthappa, a motorist on the stretch.

The road not only poses problems to the commuters during peak traffic, it has proven dangerous during the rain too. “Now that it has stopped raining, you can discern the pothole and avoid it. But during the rain, speeding two-wheeler riders crashed into the pothole on two occasions and we helped them by providing first-aid. The municipality had taken up road repair on the stretch and should ideally have filled up the road,” said personnel from the Pioneer corp, on condition of anonymity.

Reproduced from Deccan Chronicle