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Power Up That Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has a strong influence on sexual relationships.  Councellors from innersight, Ajanta De and Mahesh Natarajan talk about what is low self esteem and how to detect that in a person.

They say that self esteem influences the power in a relationship, too powerful or powerless can leave a person feeling vulnerable. If you feel undervalued at work it shows in ones sexual relationship in form of an abuse.

The signs of low esteem are when someone has risky sexual behaviour, putting oneself in an exploitable position or if a single person who is unable to approach any person they are attracted to.Even those who compromise with their jobs, like accepting a lower position than they should be in.

To deal with low self esteem is to show the person his/her strength and then work on the other areas.Re-orient the person to their past experiences so that he/she relates to those situations better. So that they stop blaming themselves.
The process requires a lot of unlearning, re-learning and focus on their own potentiality.

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