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Prohibition Era Cocktails At Sly Granny

The Prohibition Era, when alcohol in the US was banned, saw the rise of speakeasies. A salon front with a non-descript, illegal bar in the back for those looking for something stiff. The movement saw a shift in society as a whole. The mixology world got a range of Prohibition Era cocktails to experiment with.

Sly Granny, in this day and age, did a 180 on the Prohibition Era. They are a bar out and out, but their speakeasy (private dining area) is a non-descript living room setting. Their Prohibition Era cocktail list has a scotch based Penicillin, gin based Aviation and a Prohibition Punch made with dark rum, sparkling wine, and seasonal fruits.

Prices start from Rs 399 and the Prohibition Era cocktails will be available till 10 May, 2018.

At Sly Granny, Indiranagar.