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Rendang Curry Voted One Of The World’s Tastiest Dishes

There are so many countries and so many cuisines, tastes and flavours within these countries in the world. So for the Rendang Curry to be voted one of the world’s tastiest dishes, that is quite a badge of honour. This was by a CNN Poll, and albeit wasn’t this year but there is no reason that the Rendang Curry would become less popular. And it isn’t.

The dish is originally from Malaysia and Indonesia but is now eaten the world over. As you will find in the video below, a French guy can also teach you how to make it. Considered comfort food, the dish has all the goodness of lemon grass, galangal, ginger, turmeric root and spices like cloves, cinnamon and star anise.

The cooking method is basically to let the coconut milk and the meat stew for a while so the flavours soak well. This also leads to the coconut milk turning back to oil. So that helps the dish keep for longer and convenient for long journeys. Probably how it came to being in the first place.

While it may take a little making, the fact that it keeps for long is a bonus.

Bangalore isn’t left out in making this a worldwide favourite. Lot’s of Bangalore restaurants serve up a mean Rendang Curry with beef, lamb or even chicken.

Find a restaurant near you to get a taste of this dish that feels like a warm, cozy blanket. Maybe then even try and make it at home.