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Robin Uthappa’s Life Lessons

Robin Uthappa is one of India’s most prolific cricketers. Initiated into the game when he was just two years old and made his successful debut in the Indian cricket team in 2006, playing an important part shaping India’s win in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Almost a cricket veteran seven years down the line, Uthappa has seen ups and downs in his career and learnt some valuable lessons on the way.

Taking life with a pinch of salt is important, Uthappa says wryly. There is no point in overemphasising victories when defeat can follow soon after. Uthappa learnt this the hard way when he experienced his first brush with fame in 2006 when he joined the Indian team.

Less than a year later, India crashed out of the first round of qualifications in the West Indies

World Cup.

Uthappa describes it as, "the lowest of the lows." Being the new guy, he didn’t know whether he would get another shot at playing for India. But six months later, India lifted the T20 Cricket World Cup, proving to Uthappa that the most important thing he had to do was to believe in himself.

Uthappa confides shyly, "I don’t enjoy attention very much. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve it. I love genuine fans who love the way I play." According to him, nothing picks him up more than meeting a true fan who appreciates his work.

His biggest dream is to play test cricket for India. Otherwise, he has simple dreams.

Besides starting a family, he sees himself working with kids; disabled, autistic or even coaching in a sports academy once his cricketing career is over.

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