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Sanctum: The City’s Newest Nightclub

Businessman Baba Chandok  brings Bangalore its first members only nightclub featuring Russian DJ duo Alexander and Victoria Sukhochev.

Situated in the commercial block of The Chancery Pavilion, Sanctum Club is the new upscale party hub in the city. Spread over 6,250 sq ft, the club features a private bar, indoor and smoking seating areas and a collection of exotic wines, IMFL and other spirits. Sanctum will soon be open to members and guests only.

Alexander and Victoria Sukhochev are from central Russia.

Having been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, they are better known as DJ Sashanti and DJ Mescalito in the party circuit. New in town, the couple is still discovering various entertainment options in the city. “We lived in Goa for nine years. Bangalore is nothing like Goa,” Victoria exclaims.

On arrival at Goa in 2004, Alexander Sukhochev worked with Russian tourists in the day and became DJ Sashanti at The Beach Hut after the sun went down. He recollects days when he drove through the roads of India with a sound system in his car and pulled over wherever he felt like it and started a party.

Shanti Goa, his trendy beach establishment on Aswem beach, was the first multiformat beach shack that combined a restaurant, a high-end cocktail bar, a dance floor, a massage parlour, a tearoom, a cinema, an art-gallery and a beach sport-centre. The veteran entertainer hopes to achieve a similar effect with Sanctum Club. “Entertainment in Bangalore is unidirectional. Nightclub owners here waste too much money on unimportant things,” he observes. “We at Sanctum hope to entertain and educate the guests in as many ways as possible.”

The couple has lived in Bangalore for over a month now. “When I visited Skyye bar recently, I asked the waiter which DJ would be playing at the venue that weekend. He said nothing was planned as yet, and it surprised me. At Sanctum, we shall have the calendar for the next six months prepared in advance.”
The events kick off with famous jazz singer Radha Thomas with her bank UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble on Friday, May 24.

The club has different activities planned for every day of the week. Mondays feature open mic nights and jazz poetry, while on Tuesdays, the chefs host food festivals. Mid-week parties with electronic music are scheduled for Wednesdays. There’s standup comedy on Thursdays, live band performances on Fridays and art/photographs exhibitions on Saturdays. International DJs will be brought in for the mega party on

“From July, we plan to have European bands and artists flown down for special events,” Alexander adds.
Chefs Russel Fernandes and Joaquin Albarreal Arjona rule the kitchen at Sanctum. The menu here features Continental, Indian and Spanish dishes. “Many restaurants in Bangalore sell Mexican food in the name of Spanish food,” Arjona points out. “I want to change that. I wish to serve my guests Spanish food the way it is cooked in every Spanish home,” he adds. The chef recommends the paellas and tapas from the menu. “Our Grilled Goat Cheese is also very delicious,” he mentions.

Members at the nightclub get a private butler and access to the private bar facility. Unfinished bottles can be tagged and left behind until the next visit. Memberships do not appear excessive. They charge couples and single men Rs 30,000 per year. Membership for single women is priced at Rs 15,000.