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Shangri-La’s New Wellness Consultation Is Organic Goodness

In collaboration with organic living experts from Weefa Mantra,Shangri-La’s new wellness consultationis based on organic goodness.

In the hotel’s first-of-its-kind programme, guests learn how to embrace healthy and organic living without giving up all that is sinfully delicious  – it puts paid to the notion than if it’s healthy, it isn't tasty.

Guests learn how to naturally manage the growing menace of health conditions such as obesity and diabetes with mindful eating coupled with treasured, time-honoured techniques that have proven to have medicinal effects. The design of the programme is as follows:

- First consultation with a seasoned nutritionist who will provide a personalized dietary plan and develop an exercise/health routine

- Guests can indulge in a wholesome meal, specially curated by the hotel’s culinary team and will consist healthy preparations and drinks that will energize diners for the session to follow

- Second consultation with an expert who will impart knowledge on the application of age-old techniques that will aid in healing the ailments naturally

- On-ground session concludes with the distribution of a special kit including carefully assorted, top quality indigenous organic products, directly sourced from farmers and manuals on the techniques which guests can take home and immediately start practicing the new lifestyle

-  Regular follow ups and advice from Weefa Mantra experts over the next 4-6 weeks will help keep guests stay aligned with the program to witness best results 

Andreas Streiber, GM of Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru told Explocity, “Leading a hectic lifestyle leaves us with no time for self-relaxation and rejuvenation. While interacting with our guests we have realized that this is one of the constant concerns that they face on a regular basis. This insight drove us to partner with organic living experts from Weefa Mantra.  This result oriented personalized program will enable our guests to embrace a holistic way to wellness through the program”.

The programme is priced at a one-time cost of Rs 15,000 + applicable taxes and will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel  on every Friday starting 2nd February, 2018.

It may have started off as a trend but there is no denying the fact that today the organic way of life is one of the biggest lifestyle changes the world over. Whether its food, drink, clothing, wellness, organic is the buzzword.