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Sinful Sangrias At Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar, the gastropub brings you a spin on the traditional. They will be presenting their take on the refreshing, light, delicious yet potent Spanish Sangria. The Sinful Sangria offer is valid from Monday to Friday, between 12 noon to 7 pm in the evening. The bartenders at Monkey Bar will stir up new shades of Sangrias – Bloody Red, Pink Devil and White Lady. Three sinfully delicious Sangrias made with wonderful full-bodied red, white and rose wines will be accessorised with vibrant juicy, fresh fruit and a splash of soda. A glass will be priced at Rs 300 and a pitcher at Rs. 699. You can also opt for the Unlimited Sangria offer at Rs. 899. February is the month to sit back and enjoy a ‘Sangria del Momento’.