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Monday 16 July 2018
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Sommelier Anushka Pandkar at Vivanta By Taj Whitefield

Anushka Pandkar

Vintage Week is dedicated to the oenophiles of Bangalore (you know who you are); it’s an event that features Sommelier Anushka Pandkar at Vivanta By Taj Whitefield. (She’s a big cheese of wine and organises sommelier championships.)

Anushka Pandkar has been in Bangalore before giving us the dish on wine and she’s back with a presentation of six wines, which the hotel’s PR describes as crisp white, blushing red and some celebratory bubbly. (We would have given you the names if we knew.)

The event ends on the 05 August – which means you have only today and tomorrow to get to Vivanta and meet the sommelier – at Tease from 5 pm to 7 pm and costs Rs 2250 per person. And at Terracota, 7:30 pm to 10 pm, there’s a dining and wine pairing with a four-course menu designed by the hotel’s Executive Chef Satya Kedarnath and this kicks in at Rs 5250 per head.

(Incidentally, the hotel’s adjective-friendly press release exhorts you to “drink it like a Lannister” – a charming, if somewhat puzzling, Game of Thrones reference.)


anushka pandkar vivanta lannister

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