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Summer Freeze Menu @ Shiro

This summer Shiro has a limited edition Summer Freeze menu featuring specially curated five distinctive summer cocktails. One can try out the Green Goblin Caipivodka made up of tangy mango and soothing lemongrass topped off with Ketel One Vodka, the Sumertime Cosmo, which is also a sweet Ketel One concoction with lychee, apricot and cranberry or Spicy Smash made up of lychee, passion fruit paired with chili and topped off with Ciroc. The use of Elderflower in cocktails is ever growing as its flavor is quite easily miscible with various spirits. Elderflower has a strong floral bouquet, which enhances the taste profile of a drink. Keeping in mind its cooling properties, Shiro has introduced an Elderflower Caipivodka with creamy elderflower blooms mixed with basil and Ketel One Vodka. The Gin lovers can opt in for an Asian Vixen cocktail that includes fresh galangal, basil, kaffir lime, jaggery syrup with Gordon's Gin and finally topped off with ginger ale. Each cocktail on the menu is served with crushed ice for an ever refreshing burst with every sip.