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Tata Cha - A Chic Tapri In Bangalore

The Tatas roll out a tea cafe in Bangalore. Called Tata Cha, the first outlet opens in Indiranagar. There are plans for four more.

The menu includes dishes like Butter Chicken Khichdi, Creamy Veg Stew, Chatpata Matar Kulcha and Dal Pakwaan.

Tata Cha believe that millennials like fitness and health and so they will serve “healthy teas” like Cucumber Green Tea and sugar-free Tangy Tamarind. These can be had along with oil-free Soya Kebabs.

The ambience has warm wood and bright colours to give you the feel of a “tapri”, a Bombay word that one website describes this as “a shanty tea stall strategically situated at the corner of a street, outside college campus near offices and outside railway stations”.

At Tata Cha, Indiranagar 12th Main.