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Thai food festival at Rim Naam

When we say, “Thai food festival at Rim Naam”, the first association that comes to your mind is likely the colourful and spicy Thai curries and jasmine rice. But Thai cuisine is more than curry and rice.

Each region of the peninsular country brings some distinct tastes and flavours to its overall culinary repertoire. One such region is Isan, which is the North Eastern province of the country. Chef Tam, who helms the kitchen at Rim Naam, the popular fine-dining Thai restaurant at The Oberoi, hails from Isan. To celebrate the flavours of the monsoon, Tam has created a menu that brings to life the season’s specialities of her home province. (Coincidentally, “ta’am in Arabic means “food”.)

“Isan is a place which has a wonderful cultural osmosis from neighbouring Cambodia and Laos,” Tam told Explocity, “this reflects in its language, custom and food which is slightly different than other regions of Thailand. Also, there is a strong Buddhist influence seen in this region.”

Isan is the birthplace of one of the most popular Thai dishes – the Som Tam or the raw papaya salad. “This region is known for its fresh salads like pomello, crispy raw papaya, bamboo shoot, mushroom among others,” says Tam. “They are largely tangy and spicy, ideal to open up the palate for your main course.” Isan is also known for its fresh grills or satays – from fish and seafood to tenderloin and pork skewers.

Thai food festival at Rim Naam

The Thai food festival at Rim Naam brings together some of the most famous tastes of the province. Your meal could begin with one of Tam’s favourites, the Som Tam Thod or the crispy raw papaya salad. Easily one of the most popular salads, globally, this crunchy salad is pretty much the flavours of Southeast Asia on a plate: sweet, salty, sour and hot at the same time, perfect for a hot, sticky monsoon day (or night).

The other appetizer on offer is the Yum Kieow Gai or steamed chicken dumplings with Thai chilli sauce. A spicy, warm soup is perfect for the monsoons; Koi Theio Tom Yum Look Sin Gai - noodle soup with chicken dumplings is recommended and vegetarians have the Kaeng Som with its characteristic sour taste that comes from tamarind.

Thai food festival at Rim Naam

The main course features another of Chef Tam’s favourites, Pla Samun Phai or Thai fried fish with chillies and Thai herbs, as well as a traditional Kaeng with bamboo shoots and vegetables, a spicy yellow curry,  bursting with the typical flavours of ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, cumin, coriander and fenugreek among others. Rad Na is the popular Thai comfort food, a dish of warm gravy and traditional Thai flat noodles, and Tam has incorporated the most popular version of the Rad Na, that comes with pork, in the menu.

A whole lot of spicy gravy, succulent pork and soft noodles.

It could all go right.

This promotion is on till Sunday, July 30th, 2017 and is available as an a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner.