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The Cuisine of Telengana in ITC Gardenia


Novel but familiar, such is the cuisine of Telangana. Cubbon pavilion at ITC Gardenia is celebrating the cuisine of Telengana.

The cuisine of Telangana is quite similar to the erstwhile state, though the difference lies in their use of ingredients and their proportions. The landscape of Telangana is primarily arid which dictates a majority use of millets, grains and seasonal greens in their traditional cuisine. The characteristic use of ground spices is the hallmark of the Telangana cuisine, making it a distinctive one.

The menu has dishes like Jonna roti (sorghum) an Indian bread made of Jowar, is a staple food of the Telangana. Oorru Kodi Pulusu is a special flavorful curry made with country chicken. Golichina Mamsam vepudu (A deep fried reduction of sour lamb gravy). Sarva pindi ( spicy pancake, is a staple breakfast made with rice flour, channa dal, chilies and sesame seeds). Pachi Pulusu (A spicy - sour Rasam made with tamarind, chilli and onions). Pharda pheni (sugar-coated crispy wafer sweet)

Experience these dishes in the authentic form, as made by the chefs in ITC.
Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia, Residency Road, Bangalore