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The Duck Kulcha Of Chef Nimish Bhatia

There is a certain bubbling excitement one can feel in a chef who has just opened his dream restaurant and can finally have the reigns on the menu like he always wanted to. So what if we go a little over board. “There has to be a little madness,” says Chef Nimish Bhatia.

“I asked several people, what is good food?“ Chef discusses with Explocity. ”The answers varied: Some said it is when there is no chilli in my food, some said modern food, some said the only good food is what mydadimakes at home.” But I thought about what I consider good food.

The competition in Bangalore is between the good and the good. Chef chose Bangalore because he feel personally very connected to the city. But more than that, the crowd here is great for a restaurant like this. In the age bracket of 28 to 45, both husband and wife are working, live in nuclear families who are up for trying put new things.

The menu is what chef likes to callaspect cuisine. Which means the food is not just about the taste but the sounds, the colour, the aroma, the texture and the joy. It is a journey and an experience. “It is not fusion, I don't like that term.”

The flavours incorporate a lot of nostalgia from simple Indian dishes. Elements like the Aam Papad, Fiery Nimbu Chutneys, Hajmola and Chuski are all part of the dishes. Some of the dishes on the menu are Reconstructed Chilled Samosa with Chooran bubble and Hibiscus Dust, Prawn Crusted WIth Moroccan Chermoula, Coriander Foam and Plantain Crisp or the Flame Fried Lobster with Nimbu Makhan Foam, Moilee Cream.

Chef has a special Naanerie, where all the exotic breads are made - Date and Duck Kulcha, Bacon Kulcha and the Truffle Oil Naan. “I’m also a big fan of using flowers in my dishes” Like the soup where a bowl of flowers like marigolds are brewed with tomato stew on the table. “It cleanses and is great for digestion.”

“I did not want to fit in any brackets at all. I don't want to be compared with other chefs. I like a dosa in Dakshin, in ITC Windsor as much as I like it in Shanti Sagar”. It is all about respecting the food according to chef. “I want guests to get high on my food.”

Nimisserie Restaurant is located at 120 Brigade Road, just off Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

080 40988989. Timing is 12.00pm to 3.30pm & 7.00pm to 11.30pm.