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The End of Season Festive Menu @ Monkey Bar



Monkey Bar celebrates Christmas by getting you stuffed as a turkey. The gastropub has the End of Season Festive Menu. It has specials like Pan seared Pierogies with roasted pumpkin and spinach dumplings; served with ricotta and sour cream, Joojeh Kebabs – Persian style marinated chicken skewers with a roasted tomato dip.  Indulge in the Smoked Fish Tacos  a delightful small plate of Beer battered smoked fish, jalapeno cabbage slaw, sriracha mayo and soft tacos, and the traditional fesitve Pan Pan Rolls  made with fragrant lamb mince in crepes; crumbed and pan seared and served with mint chutney, Koobideh Kebabs.


Monkey Bar, 12th main, Indiranagar, Bangalore