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The Exotic ‘Shekhawati Food Festival’ At Kesariya

Rajasthani food ought not to be hard to find in Bangalore. This city is home to so many luminaries from the state. But there are hidden gems even within the trodden milieu of Rajasthani cuisine, such as a speciality Shekawati restaurant. Located in the increasingly hip neighbourhood of JP Nagar, Kesariya has come to FirstFoodie's attention as a place not to miss, if only because the restaurant's speciality embraces the tradition of Marwari hospitality.

From 20th July 2015 to 3rd August 2015, Kesariya will highlight some of the best and the most famous delicacies from the Shekhawat region of Rajasthan. From Dal Baati Choorma to Ghevars to Bajra Khichdi to Moong Dal Halwa, this food festival seeks to go all out in its quest to lay out a spread.

To quote from the restaurant's press release:

"A variety of Dal Baati Choorma and Ghevars have been specially created for this festival. 8 types of Baati that includes Plain, Baffla, Matar Paneer, Aloo Matar, Besan, Masala, Palak and Sattu Baati will be served along with three types of dal. The choormas that give a tinge of sweetness to the dish will be served in flavors of Gulab, Mawa, Plain and Kesariya. Ghevars, a sweet disc shaped delicacy that is an integral part of Shekhawati cuisine will be served in the flavors of Malai and Paneer. This deliciously crunchy dish dipped in sugar syrup is a must try for all sweet lovers.

"Dal baati choorma and Ghevars will be prepared at live counters to give an authentic shekhawati experience. Baatis will be freshly baked on the grill and served with dal and choorma in specially made silverware. The Ghevar live counter will serve fresh and hot ghevars straight from the kadai of ghee. The aroma of sugar and the richness of ghee will surely melt your heart. This intricate and delicate Rajasthani dish is a visual treat and promises bags of flavors.

"Ingredients such as saffron, dry fruits, jaggery, ghee and other dairy products, bajra, are used frequently in the cuisine. And while the curries are quite rich, primarily due to the use of nuts such as almonds and pistachios), the flavours are subtle and not as spicy as some other parts of Rajasthan."

To give what the restaurant's PR people call "a royal touch to the whole experience", they say "the live counters will be setup in the open area with traditional Rajasthani music and ambience". We don't quite get what that means but the food apparently is such that one died and went straight to Rajasthani heaven.

Kesariya serves food in silverware, a traditional practice in the havelis of Shekhawati.