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The Goodness Of Dill In A Summer Fattoush Salad

The summer heat doesn’t inspire an appetite. Cooked and spicy foods are so last season. This season has you all hot and bothered. Here’s a solution, focus on cooling foods that will cool your mind. And think of the positives. Summer cooking is quick and easy. Take this summer Fattoush salad for instance.

The salad from the Levant is filling and has the goodness of dill which helps cool your system down. It’s made with pita bread which also makes it quite filling. Topped with yogurt and fine chopped dill.

Dill has been used as a spice and medicinally. The ancient Egyptians are said to have used it as a medicine almost 5000 years ago. The word “Dill” literally means “calming” or “soothing”. Being from the cumin family, dill is a great spice for digestion.

Mixed with yogurt, it doubles in advantage and adds taste to your Fattoush. Here’s a simple summer Fattoush Salad recipe to keep you cool this summer.