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The Great American Chuck Wagon At ITC Gardenia

Get onto ‘The Great American chuck wagon’ at Cubbon Pavilion at the ITC Gardenia and celebrate the American Independence from 1st July to 7th.

The Great American Chuck Wagon is dedicated to the adventurous spirit of the settlers and their iconic chuck wagons, which scripted a new era in culinary and human history.

Chef Ayesha Aspi Nallaseth brings am array of American classics including buffalo chicken wings, jalapeno and cheese crackle, stews and more as they recreate the favourite recipes of USA. Chefs on the wagon unveil the favourite recipes of the chuck wagon days with old west spiced rubbed chicken and Texas butter with apple risotto, Kentucky style lamb dumplings, vegetable dumplings accompanied with sour cream and jalapeno salsa, savoury flapjacks (asparagus and spinach, red wine mushroom and shallots, paprika corn and chicken), shrimp gumbo Ya Ya, and as dessert, spotted pup with Tex-Mex vegetables (cooked raisins in rice).

At Cubbon Pavilion, you can experience a meal crafted to perfection by their chefs. The restaurant brings alive the flavours of International, Indian & Inventive cuisines authentic to a particular culture & culinary style. This week, the Continental spread will be defined by the American classics, celebrating American independence, accompanied by a selection of top - notch spirits, international wines, innovative cocktails& chilled beverages from the beverage card in a relaxing, soothing ambience, flanked by a ‘Living Wall’ in the restaurant.

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