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The Grill Effect At Paparazzi

Known to serve what they call ‘celebrity food,’ the fine dining restaurant at The Royal Orchid Central promises to change the way you dine with their grills.

Paparazzi at The Royal Orchid is hosting The Grill Effect, where guests can barbecue their own selection of meats and veggies over a live grill located right in front of their table.

On the menu are eight different options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian each. The non-vegetarian section includes fresh seafood like calamari, lobster, crabs and even ‘fish of the day.’ Along with this, one can also choose from more than 15 sauces, which range from Continental to Oriental and Indian.

The price of the meal depends on the weight of the meat, so you only pay accordingly. The menu for The Grill Effect is a la carte. Timing: 7 pm onwards.