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There is so much more to Thai food

Thai food also has a huge variety just like our own Indian fare. The best fine dine Thai restaurant in Bangalore is Rim Naam and Explocity spoke to Chef Arup Kakati who is the Kitchen Executive. “Food in Thailand also varies between the coast and mainland. And regionally too there is a difference. The coastal region cooks more with seafood whereas the mainland has more of meat.”

Songkran is the New  Year in Thailand  and comes from the Sanskrit word saṃkrāntior – literally meaning  "astrological passage". It coincides with the New Year of many calendars like in South India. The restaurant has a special menu for the occasion.

“The dishes selected are all traditional ones from Thailand and savoured during festivals of this nature. Our Songkran menu reflects a balance between all regions of Thailand, “ Chef says.

Start with a refreshing salad like the Yam How Ple - Banana blossom, prawn, pork with tangy dressing or the Yam Nuea - Grilled tenderloin, cucumber with spicy and sour sauce. The main course has options like Koong Mangkron Phad Normai Farang - Stir fry lobster with asparagus and our pick Kha Nuea Prik Paropa - Spicy stir fry tenderloin with galangal and sweet basil. Dessert is Khao Nieow Ma-muang - Traditional thai sweetened sticky rice with mango.

Truly en-Thai-sing!

Rim Naam, The Oberoi, MG Road, Bangalore