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There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate



The dinner buffet at Cubbon Pavilion is never ending anyway, but the folks have added a new sinful element to we just don’t know when to stop. Chef Arvind Prasad at Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia presents Sweet Endings, a celebration of Exclusive Chocolate Desserts.

All the desserts will take you back to your childhood when indulging was not wrong. Our fav is the Chocolate Amuse Bouche and the Chocolate Verrines, textured chocolate desserts served in individual portions. The Liqueur Macerated And Dehydrated Chocolate was also amazing . The menu also includes sensational classics as well as Chef Signatures contemporary classic Chocolate Cakes. The Chocolate Relish is a condiment to infuse every dish with the subtle flavours of chocolate. All this enjoyed with a Chocolate Fountain with a live enrobing of Ganache by Chef Arvind and his team of expert chocolatiers.
ITC Gardenia,1 Residency Road, Bangalore