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Ugadi The Grand Mercure Way

To celebrate the New Year Grand Mercure has organised a ceremonious lunch buffet for its patrons.

The restaurant has created retreat for the customers, where guests can relish the taste of signature dishes of the festival.

Ugadi buffet menu includes Salads, Soup, vegetarian main courses, live stations for Neer and Mysore masala dosai with chutneys and Desserts giving each and everyone an opportunity to embark on the New Year with a wonderful experience. A festive meal of traditional delicacies including Ugadi Pachchadi, Kadalle Kaalu Usli, Southekai Pachadi, Ennai Kethrikkai, Udipi Kai Kuruma, Karangai Kellagu masala, Vendakkai Mochai mandi, Godhi Payasa, Jangeri,Holigae served on a banana leaf, unfolds a delightful cultural and culinary experience.