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Vivanta’s Exec Lunch Is All About Speed Speed Speed

Even a busy corporate honcho has to eat. But considering the predilection of the hot shot to keep moving, Vivanta’s Exec Lunch is all about speed, speed, speed.


With only half hour to spare for lunch, a chef-crafted set menu comprising an appetiser, mains and dessert will be all the busy exec needs, to lunch at the speed of light.


"Catering to the booked-solid clientele with a formal lunch that takes 30 minutes, from ordering through dessert," Dinesh Varma, Director, Food and Beverage, told Explocity. "It's not exactly fast food. But the format does bring a new level of efficiency to a business ritual that otherwise can go on for an hour or more."


For starters, this set-menu is served at Azure. "Azure has a perfect ambience with natural light and theatrical kitchen in a quiet location on the 1st floor of the hotel, which is very close to the business industrial area," Varma said, "we keep this available only for groups of at least 20."


The Executive Lunch comprises a three-course chef crafted set menu. These include dishes like Insalata Mista, Parma Ham Marinated Melon, Fritti Misto, Minestrone Soup, Selection of Pizza, Risottos and Pastas to choose from. Food that's quick to make (and eat), perfect for a rushed meal. So you are spared of the agonising hassle of what to eat and what to order. "Menus and service are modified to fit a quick format," Varma said, "to keep interruptions at the table to a minimum."