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What do the moms want to do for Mother’s day?

Flowers ain’t gonna cut it. We spoke to three moms and here is what they wanted for the special day.

Sangeetha Gopal is a fitness trainer. “I have sixteen year old and a seven year old. Both are boys so I’m not expecting many flowers or gifts. Although boys have their own way of showing affection.” Last year her younger son bought her a Cornetto because he remembered she like it.
What would she like to do on the occasion? “I like luxury handbags and shoes, but I guess I’ll have to wait a few years before my kids can get me that!” On special occasions she loves to visit breweries like Toit and Vapour.

“I love breakfast in bed, it has been a while since I had it though” says Oindrila Dasgupta, an entrepreneur. “I have a new dress which I plan to wear.” She loves going out to cafes and restaurants. Some of her favourite places are M Cafe at the Bengaluru Marriott and Zen at the Leela Palace (“because I love Asian food”). She can’t resist a brunch with a good Long Island Iced Tea.

Rachna Sehgal has a fourteen year old girl who loves to pamper her mom. “Last year I woke up to a hamper of goodies and a spa day. She took me out for dinner as well.” She looking forward to this year’s mother’s day. Her fav restaurants to visit are Rim Naam, Olive and Sunny’s. For a night out she likes Bang at the Ritz Carlton