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What To Eat On Republic Day?

Do Bangaloreans display their patriotism by eating anything special? Here’s what a few of them had to say.

This year, Republic Day is falling on a Sunday. Luckily for restaurants, this gives them an excuse to spruce up their Sunday brunch offering. From upscale hotels like the ITC to standalone venues like Toscano, the menu on Sunday will bring to light the diverse cuisines of our country from Kerala to Kashmir.

But are the citizens of the country rising to the occasion with an appetite to match?

“Do I need to be eating something special?” asked Ayesha Katrak, founder and director of the clothing brand Baboosh. After a moment’s thought she continued, “Well, it’s a Sunday, so just regular brunch – champagne brunch!”

Preethy Sahadevan, an events coordinator, was equally perplexed with the question. “What are we supposed to eat?” she asked us in return.

For Pramila C, MD of Deepam Silks, Republic Day marks an auspicious occasion. “It’s always good to start something on a special day, so I’m going to start my diet with a lot of salads and fruits on Republic Day,” she said.

On the other hand, Natasha Acharya, who owns the online store Natsy By Design offered an amusing answer. “What do you want me to say? Tri-coloured idlis?” she laughed.

Homemaker Georgina Paul also joked about the question. “Carrots, vanilla ice cream and broccoli,” she said. “And maybe top it with some blue cheese,” she added. We hope she’s not serious.

While it is a significant day for our nation, Republic Day does not necessarily call for a feast. As Ashford Fernandez, a content executive, said, “Its not Easter or Christmas, so nothing special.”