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Would you like some bosom on your cake?

It’s mischievous; it’s childish and even tastes really good. We’re talking about naughty cakes, which started as a trend for bachelor/bachelorette parties but now needs no occasion to be cut. Here’s our pick of bakeshops that will happily oblige your crude sweet tooth. 

Remember making shapes and words with your food as a kid? You spelled out your name and you built a house and then you ate it all up like a happy puppy.

Now imagine your food looked a little more scandalous - like a pair of breasts. Would you be eating it with the same enthusiasm? We can’t really say. But it would get a few giggles out of you.

That pretty much sums up why people today are so crazy about ordering naughty cakes. The dirtier it looks, the more laughs it gets. And the more important the event, the dirtier you want it to be.

Explocity sensed the demand for these obnoxious goodies in Bangalore and so here we are, giving you a list of a few places that will do the deed just the way you need.

1. Just Bake – This bakeshop that picked up in no time few years ago serves more than the respectable kind of confectionery. Visit their website (www.justbake.in) to see a wide range of Cakes for Adults and let’s just say they don’t mind starting at the bottom.
Price: Rs 650/kg onwards.

2.  naughtycake@gmail.com – This shop is a little inconspicuous in its dealings and we think that adds to the mischief factor. Send them an email; request to view the naughty cake album and what you see will definitely tickle your naughty bones. Craziest order till date? A cake of a woman giving birth!
Price: Rs 1500/kg

3. The Cake Lady – Just 18 months old, The Cake Lady is run by a couple who undertake most of their orders via phone. They’ve received calls asking for phallic cakes and even an adventurous threesome, so you know you can let your imagination run wild when you place an order here. Contact The Cake Lady on 9845429700/9845278212. Price: Rs. 1500-2500/kg

4. Excitinglives.com – Exciting Lives is an online store that offers delivery in Bangalore as well as Delhi, Mumbai and Noida. With a rather apt name, this website is the jackpot if you want to pair that naughty cake with an even naughtier gift. The only drawback is that they do not undertake personalized orders. Nevertheless, with “designs” like Boobilicious, Strip Tease or Bondage Bear, the message still gets delivered loud and clear.
Price: Rs 1500 – 2000/kg