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Mar 21 2020

“Stay home. Stay safe. Divided, We Live” - Bangalore Police Commissioner Rao on Coronavirus And How The Police Respond

Bangalore Civic Health

Explocity speaks to Bangalore Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao about what he and his department have to deal with.

Why Soap And 60%-Alcohol Sanitizers Are The Only Defences Against Coronavirus

Bangalore Health

In very simple terms, there is a fatty layer or membrane around coronavirus, Soap breaks this membrane. Once broken, coronavirus virus dies or becomes inactive.

Bangalore Restaurants A Guide To What’s Open This Weekend

Bangalore Health Restaurants

To be fair, it must be remembered that even in normal non-pandemic conditions, the hospitality industry has a rich history of exercising care about keeping things sanitary

The Psychological Impact Of Coronavirus On Children and Families

Bangalore Health

Dr Ajit Bhide and Dr Nuzhat Khan on how families should cope