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Monday 17 June 2019
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Meet The Chef

Chef Vikas Seth
Head Chef, Sancho’s
Do you think Mexican cuisine is similar to Indian?
Yes, there are definitely similarities, especially with the ingredients – tomatoes, chili, beans etc. Many people also equate them because both cuisines are ‘spicy’. But I don’t think that is entirely true. The way we use chilis and the spice levels are very different. Although yes there is a lot of relatability in Indian and Mexican food.
So why aren’t there more Mexican restaurants?
Honestly, I’m also not sure. Maybe because some people, as Indians, think it is similar to our food and try to make it our way. And that doesn’t work out. But I can tell you that sourcing authentic Mexican ingredients is very difficult. It is not an easy job to get some of the recipes right.What are your opinions on outlets like Taco Bell?
Such commercialised restaurants do not offer any authenticity, and diners might gather wrong opinions of the cuisine altogether. But on the other hand, places like these are an easy way to introduce diners to a new cuisine, it makes it popular.In the Winter Special menu at Sancho’s which authentic ingredients have you used?
We have included many unique ingredients like the Guajillo Chili, which is a widely used in Mexico. We have used Zucchini Blossoms. And a favourite from Mexico – Chorizo which are spicy sausages.What is the best street food in Mexico?
I have discovered many interesting dishes during my time in Mexico. One I loved was Tamale which is a corn based dough and is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. They even make sweet versions with strawberries.

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