30 Years in City Publishing And Counting...


In its 30-year history, Explocity has seen itself scale from a provincial print city guide to a multinational publishing enterprise

On March 31, 1989, Explocity founder Ramjee Chandran -- not yet 30 years old and with no capital barring his enthusiasm and a vision -- launched a city guide called Bangalore This Fortnight (BTF). An inspired decision, it was an almost immediate hit among the many readers who were both visitors and residents and a boon for the retail trade in the city's business district. BTF was India's first free magazine - a revolutionary idea that was initially hailed as being "very stupid".


In the succeeding years, the publication grew in importance, leading to the launch of several other publishing products including a socio-civic investigative magazine, a news tabloid and as early as 1996, a website. Following investments, notably from Newscorp boss, Rupert Murdoch (following a meeting with Chandran), the company laumched a full scale publishing enterprise with publications in Dubai and New York and in several Indian markets. Explocity was the first Indian-owned multinational publication.

Rupert Murdoch and Ramjee Chandran

Ramjee Chandran

While Explocity started with no capital and no borrowing, Explocity founder Ramjee Chandran bootstrapped his way over the natural obstacles that visit a business whose success is based on the ability to capture public imagination. Chandran worked as a lobbyist in India's capital New Delhi for several years before returning to his hometown, Bangalore. he has spent the last three decades speaking for the city. Chandran is also a prolific writer and has been published in India and overseas in notable publications.

Bangalore This Fortnight