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6-A Akash Ganga - Remembering Annapurna Devi


Nov 24 2023 to Nov 24 2023 7 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

80 mins | 2023 | Hindi with English subtitles

Can a musician exist without an audience? To find an answer, the film enters 6-A Akash Ganga, a flat overlooking the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. Here resides one of India’s most renowned classical musicians, a matchless guru—Annapurna Devi. Maestros have waited for years for her to accept them as disciples. George Harrison, of the Beatles fame, had to seek special permission to listen to her musical practice. But in the mid-1950s, she vowed not to perform for anyone in an effort to save her crumbling marriage to the world-renowned Indian musician, Pandit Ravi Shankar, who had grown insecure with the acclaim she was receiving. Her disciple, Pt. Nityanand Haldipur, cuts through the myths to tell her story. The film has been produced by the Annapurna Devi Foundation.

The screening will be followed by a discussion between Pt. Nityanand Haldipur and the Director, Nirmal Chander.

Presented by: Speakers Nirmal Chander Dandriyal Director & Editor

Nirmal Chander has worked in the field of non-fiction for the last three decades as an editor, director and producer. He has directed more than 10 documentaries and has over thirty editing credits. His films have travelled to many international festivals, winning multiple awards. Some of his films have been telecast on BBC Online and Indian TV channels such as NDTV and Doordarshan. He is the recipient of three National Film Awards from the President of India for excellence in cinema and his documentary Moti Bagh was an Oscar entry from India in 2019.

Nityanand Haldipur Bansuri Musician & Teacher Pt.

Nityanand Haldipur is a performer and teacher of the Indian bamboo flute, known in India as the bansuri. He is a purist in the true Maihar Gharana tradition and learned from Annapurna Devi in Mumbai, India.

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