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9th London International Arts Festival from 9th – 13th December, 2020


Dec 09 | 6 p.m.

Runs till: Dec 13


Online Streaming

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Event Description

·         Curated by the Indian violinist Jyotsna Srikanth

·        Streamed free of cost on the youtube page of LIAF (DhruvLIAF)      

·        Time : 6:00pm onwards


December 1, 2020: Taking you from the bohemian streets of Shoreditch to Kings Cross’ finest contemporary cultural institutions, the ninth edition of the London International Arts Festival (LIAF) is a pan-London celebration of the capital’s most exciting music and culture.


Exploring and optimizing the trend of digital medium LIAF goes completely digital for its 2020 edition. The LIAF 2020 DIGITAL CAMP will feature an eclectic line-up of performing artists and industry professionals in a series of virtual events such as talk sessions, speaker sessions, live performances and workshops. Out of 13 events of LIAF 2020, 7 concerts are streamed from Shaale Venue, Bangalore and the other events are streamed from UK, Sweden & Austria.


Curated by the Indian violinist Jyotsna Srikanth, LIAF 2020 celebrates the many colourful cultures of the global music scene. 2020’s handpicked line-up spotlights the best up-and-coming world music bands alongside masters of the South Indian classical world.

LIAF 2020 features the best of talents like Vasu Dixit, Sitar Symphony from Music Mansion, Mysore Chandan Kumar, Trichy Pradeep Kumar, Sampagodu Vighnaraja & Manju Drums Collective are being showcased apart from international acts like iYatra Quartet, Jyotsna Srikanth Project, Side Partition: all from UK, Lena Jonsson trio from Sweden & Julia Siedl Trio from Austria.


Festival founder, curator and violin virtuoso Jyotsna Srikanth explains; ‘What started as a desire to showcase the best of South Indian Carnatic music has expanded into a far richer tapestry of music and arts originating from different continents.’


The festival opens with a concert of Side Partition in Stanley Halls, South London in partnership with Tuned-In London.


The two workshops on Konakkol Beat boxing by Shivraj Nataraj & Carnatic Music Exploratory by KN Shashikiran are also being streamed from Bangalore & Chennai.

LIAF is hosted by Dhruv Arts, a UK-based not-for-profit organization that provides music education and workshops for all ages along with performances of South Asian, Carnatic and world art forms.

The first LIAF took place in 2012 and has since featured artists from across the globe; India, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey and North America to name a few. Alongside world-class concerts, LIAF offers hands-on master classes providing a crucial platform for cross-cultural and multi-generational artistic interaction.


LIAF 2020 is supported by Arts Council, England.

Tickets link for Carnatic Beatboxing (Konakkol) workshop:

India - https://www.townscript.com/e/carnatic-beatboxkonnakol-workshop-210242

UK- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/carnatic-beatbox-workshop-tickets-129987121981

Tickets link for Carnatic Music Exploratory workshop:

India-  https://www.townscript.com/e/carnatic-music-exploratory-workshop-441010

UK- https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent/130278892675/invite-and-promote/?showSuccessAlert=1

All other concerts are being streamed free of cost on the youtube page of LIAF (DhruvLIAF)




6pm BST/11.30pm IST :  Side Partition, UK

Ticket Link -https://www.stanleyhalls.org.uk/boxoffice/


10th December - THURSDAY

7.30pm BST/1.00am IST(11th December) : JULIA SIEDL TRIO - AUSTRIA

8.45pm BST/2.15am IST(11th December):  MANJU DRUMS COLLECTIVE  - INDIA



7.30pm BST/1.00am IST(12th December): iYatra Quartet from UK

8.45pm BST/ 2.15am IST(12th December): Lena Jonsson Trio from Sweden



4.00PM BST/9.30pm IST: Carnatic Beatbox Workshop by Shivaraj Nataraj from Bangalore, India

5.30pm BST/11.00pm IST(12th December): Sitar Symphony from Bangalore, India

7.15pm BST/ 12.45am IST(13th December): Vasu Dixit Collective from Bangalore, India

8.30pm BST/ 2.00am IST(13th December): Bangalore Dreams by Jyotsna Srikanth Project, UK-India



4.00pm BST/9.30pm IST : Carnatic Music Exploratory by K.N. Shashikiran, from Chennai, India

5.45pm BST/11.15pm IST(14th December): Carnatic Vocal by Trichy Pradeep Kumar from Chennai, India

7.30pm BST/ 1.00am IST(14th December): Carnatic Flute by Mysore Chandan Kumar from Bangalore, India

8.45pm BST/ 2.15am IST(14th December): Carnatic Vocal by Sampaghodu Vighnaraja, Bangalore - India

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