Alcohol Ink Painting with ArthbyKshama - Online Workshop

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Alcohol Ink Painting with ArthbyKshama - Online Workshop

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Jun 28 | 3 p.m.

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About Alcohol Ink Painting with ArthbyKshama - Online Workshop

Alcohol ink is an impressionistic medium. This medium is a current rage amongst artists due to its highly pigmented colors that are transparent and extremely vibrant, when on drying give a wispy effect. Alcohol inks are widely used to create flowing abstract art, mixed media projects, landscapes, resin projects etc. They can be used on multiple surfaces mostly which includes non porous surfaces like glossy paper, glass, ceramic etc.
In this workshop we shall run through the various techniques of painting with alcohol inks and create our own abstract art on yupo paper and ceramics.
Artist: @arthbykshama
Materials Required:
- Yupo paper
- Ceramic (optional)
- Alcohol inks 3-4 colours
- Blending solution
- Straws
- Tissues
- Gloves
Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Ink paper
Also can check for Alcohol ink paper options.
You can also do for other brands as desired
***Please make sure you order your materials early so you get delivery before the workshop.***
When: Sunday, 28th June
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm (IST)
Venue: Online Session on Zoom
Fee: Rs 600 (Inclusive of Tax)
Payment Link:
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