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Anvaya: The Connection Bharatanatyam | Kolam | Temple Architecture


Feb 25 2024 to Feb 25 2024 7 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

Anvaya – The Connection is a multimedia Bharathanatyam performance that aims to reveals the artistic connections that bind Bharatanatyam – Kolam – Temple Architecture. Ideated, developed, designed and performed by Bharatanatyam soloist Ramaa Venugopalan, Anvaya is an immersive experience for audience to soak in the beauty, intelligence and the intrinsic purpose of our cultural practices and art forms. Orchestra Ensemble Nattuvangam – Jagadishwar Sukumar Vocal – Vasudha Shastry Mridangam – Vinay Nagarajan Flute – Mahesha Swamy Veena – Gopal Venkataramana Lights – Surya Rao Artistes Ramaa Venugopalan Bharatanatyam Practitioner & Teacher Ramaa Venugopalan is a leading practitioner and teacher of Bharatanatyam, with over three decades of experience in performing and imparting this ancient art form. A firm believer in the traditional vocabulary and diktat of the dance form, she holds a Master’s Degree in Bharatanatyam and its allied subjects such as Indian Philosophy, Indian History and study of Temple Architecture. As a writer of arts, her articles are widely published in art magazines and portals, where she shares her thoughts and ideas about the uncompromising versatility of the art form, its diktats and trajectory in the current scenario. Ramaa regularly conducts talks and demonstrations to a cross section of audience to help them endear themselves to the dance form through videos and lecture demonstrations. She has been a solo artist for over three decades and is known for her conviction in the traditional repertoire, the aesthetic glory and emotional intensity she brings to her performances. She is the founder of Lakshmi Kalaalayam, she imparts training to a few serious students who have already made a mark as seasoned performers and are promising upcoming artists.

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