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Atta Galatta presents Coffee Painting workshop with Madhuri


Feb 29 | 3 p.m.

Runs till: Feb 29


Atta Galatta

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

About the Workshop
In this workshop, instead of the conventional methods of painting and art, participants will be introduced to painting with an entirely different and exciting medium - COFFEE! Participants will be given an image which they will recreate completely with the use of just coffee.

Schedule the workshop:
Introduction to using coffee as a medium to paint.
Colour gradient - dilution.
Adding texture.
Painting a pre selected scenery completely with coffee.
Concluded with how to store and what varnish to use before framing.

The following materials will be provided during the workshop

300 GSM watercolour paper.
Paint brushes.
Instant coffee.
Pencils, erasers and other required stationary.
Packing material.

About the Artist:
Madhuri is a self-taught mixed media artist who lives and loves to try new things with her artwork including different mediums. She is someone who likes to think outside the box and away from convention, so most of her works reflect the same. Having lived in a city like Melbourne where coffee is not just a beverage but a culture, she started painting with coffee.

Other mediums include wine painting, glow-in-the-dark painting, chalk carving and so on. She is a firm believer in celebration of diversity and hence dream of traveling to as many places as possible to incorporate the essence of different places and different people in her work, so as to touch lives globally with the same.

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