Atta Galatta Presents Hasi to Phasi

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta Presents Hasi to Phasi

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Atta Galatta | Bangalore |

Feb 01 | 6:30 p.m.

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About Atta Galatta Presents Hasi to Phasi

Hasi to Phasi

A performance and an interaction event, in which Tarini will perform/recite some of her original pieces, as well as engage the audience with some unique games and activities, to explore how to find humour in poetry, and vice-versa. There is NO expertise needed whatsoever to attend the event, and as the audience will surely discover, humour doesn’t lie outside. It’s in our very personalities.

About the Facilitator
Tarini Chandrashekhar is an engineer by education, and dancer, poet and a storyteller by passion. Being an engineer has taught her the true essence of combining and playing with niche areas. She is trying to bring the same ethos to combine the sass of humour with the ease of poetry, to create a unique experience for the audience.