Atta Galatta presents Japan-il Kaliyanaraman

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta presents Japan-il Kaliyanaraman

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Atta Galatta | Bangalore |

Nov 23 | 5:30 p.m.

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About Atta Galatta presents Japan-il Kaliyanaraman

Japan-il Kaliyanaraman

Language: English | Duration: 60 Mins | Solo Performance

Humanity prevails…

I'm Santhosh Kaliyanaraman, an avid observer and made of experiences and stories!

It was a sweet accident (Read On-Site!) that I ended up living in Japan for about 7 years. For the person that Santhosh Kaliyanaraman was conditioned to be, Japan was a pleasant surprise as well as a privilege. I could go on for years explaining my experience in Japan, a land of beautifully honest people and vibrantly unique culture.

I have been sharing my experiences of living in Japan in various forums and it has always been received with a warm response. Some stories have found spaces in popular magazines as short stories. However, it's time I share with this world about the experiences that met Santhosh Kaliyanaraman in Japan!
So here I'm presenting the inaugural edition of 'Japan-il Kaliyanaraman' at Atta Galatta!

I have developed this solo performance with my unique experiences in Japan that was life-changing on many fronts.
11th March 2011, it could sound like just another day, but not for someone who lived-in north-eastern part of Japan, that was hit by one of the world's largest earthquakes that day!

The day of drama, horror, humour, romance, fear, empathy, sadness and what not! But at the end, it was humanity on top of all this that took over… That day changed the way I look at this world!

So come be a part of the Inaugural Edition of 'Japan-il Kaliyanaraman' and experience the day of the earthquake filled with extreme actions and emotions!!!

And many a time, things always work out in the end!