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Atta Galatta presents a play Chaw Chaw Bath


Feb 16 | 6 p.m.

Runs till: Feb 16


Atta Galatta

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

Chaw Chaw Bath
Enter a world of diverse and powerful performances by Team ‘a’ Productions in the 17th edition of its ensemble “Chaw Chaw Bath”.

Each edition brings with itself memorable and engaging live performances through different art forms ranging from riveting storytelling to rib-tickling stand-up. The joy of seeing people from all walks of life witnessing an experience – families, teenagers, new couples, theatre enthusiasts, all catching the latest show, is why we do what we do.

The blend of different art forms coming together is what defines Chaw Chaw Bath and we promise to leave you entertained, enthralled, and enlightened. Join us for an evening of unforgettable performances and wonder at the fantastic show we have put together for you!

1) Play “Lift Karade” - Hindi: Breaking the rules of stage, this heart-touching play gives you a glimpse into the lives of two old friends and their encounters with the world that’s blind to subtlety.

2) Poetry – Hindi: A unique and innovative approach to the subtle art of poetry recitation.

3) Standup Comedy – English: Headlining this rib-tickling experience like no other.

4) Storytelling - English: A master storyteller returns with the fading light of the setting

sun, bearing stories of love and life to enthrall your senses. This is for you if you appreciate originality and want to experience the art of storytelling in all its magic.

Language: Hindi, English

Cast: Ajay Gopal, Akmal Basha S, Sougat Mishra, ChinmayTabib, Sachin Patil, Vinod Krishna,Charan Kapse

Rahul R, Trupthi Mahesh, Raghu, Bidnal, Deepak Shantaiah, Aravind, Deepa, Jaya Srinivasan

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